don’t ask yourself “what is love?” ask yourself “who is love?”

what is love? a lot of people ask this question. but is that really the thing we should be focusing on when it comes to this mysterious word called love. when I think about this question several things come to my mind. My first thought being:

  • Will we ever really be able to put a textbook definition on that word?

I took some time to ask a few people what love meant to them and here were some of the answers I received: Love is knowing someone’s imperfections, past, and mistakes but seeing past them because you love them for who they are now. Love is unconditional. Love comes with a sacrifice. Love is willing to wait. Love knows no boundaries. (my personal favorite). Love covers up all of the hurt. Love is a lifelong commitment to your spouse that is represented by a silver (or gold, depending on your personal preference) circular object on your finger. Love is my granddad making me soup when I am sick. Love is kisses and hugs from family. Love is a phone call from a relative you haven’t talked to in a while. Someone said they don’t even think they have a definition for it. Which brings me back to my first point, Will we ever really be able to put a textbook definition on that word?

  • Another thing that comes to my mind when I think about the question, is the differences between love and lust.

Lust is a whole other ball park that we fall into. The textbook definition of lust is “a very strong sexual desire.” I see many girls who fall into that trap, of “but I love him” or this and that. But what about when all of those “feel good” moments go away? What are you left with? How empty do you feel then? Is love really the word you should choose to stick in that sentence?

  • But lastly the final thought after hearing that question is, how will I ever understand what it truly is?

Well, we have already established that love is never explained by just one statement followed by a period. And that love is never defined the exact same way by anyone. In my heart of hearts I honestly think that we will never truly know what love is, until we realize who love is.

  • So, who is love?

“He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:8

Love hung on a cross and love shed His blood for you. (yes you!) Love knew you before you were born. Love thought of you. Love formed you. Love sees the tears you cry and bottles every one of them up. Love has been there through it all. Love protects you. Love never gives up on you. Love never leaves you. Love never forsakes you. Love is always going to be true. Love is patient. Love provides for you. Love never dies. Love is always by your side. Love will keep you and love will strengthen you.

before you even thought about love, He thought about you. there isn’t a day that goes by that you aren’t on His mind. and you know why we love so hard, and so often? its simple really, because Love first loved us.

“if i lived a thousand life times and wrote a song for everyday, still there would be no way to say, how you have loved me.” -Letting Go//Steffany Gretzinger



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